Hi! I’m Peter!

Three First Names Design is the doppelgänger for my work as a Designer.

I live in San Francisco, and I'm currently working with eHealth as an Interactive Designer to solve Health Care.

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About Peter Michaels Allen

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I’m a Designer focused on building interactive products with great experiences. There are few things I enjoy more than developing a product from conception to completion only to go back again and design a way to do it better!

My strongest work has prevailed when I’m able to apply my cross-disciplinary understanding of User Experience, User Interface, & Visual Design to build iterative products in environments that believe in people-centric satisfaction.

My seven year career has been a mix of full-time, freelance, and contract opportunities that have afforded me a broad range of clients and full-time employers ranging from Electronic Arts to hi5.com. Working as an individual and team contributor, I’ve applied my craft to projects that range from developing user interfaces for mobile games to highly technical, proprietary customer service tools.

A graduate of Elon University (2006) with a BA in Art with a Digital Art concentration, I threw myself full-time into the industry on January 1, 2007 after several months of freelancing odd jobs in my native Chestertown, MD.

I reside in San Francisco, and hold the informal titles of "Mayor of Lower Haight" and "Ambassador of Maryland to California".

I spend a lot of my personal time enjoying karaoke, Berlin-style ping-pong, football, and debating my affinity for the Oxford comma. I’m also Cofounder and Community Manager of Ravens in the Fog.

Peter is a gifted UX designer who wields ample creativity with a strong sense of visual style. Peter has left an indelible mark on our brand and site: we launched a much better experience thanks to his contributions. I do not hesitate to recommend Peter's work.

David Selle VP of Product, hi5.com

Working with Peter, the things I've enjoyed the most are our impromptu design review sessions. He has mastered the art of iterative design: soliciting, and graciously accepting, criticism and feeding it back into his design; making, and sticking to, the tough decisions. Peter has significantly improved our UI, both in aesthetics and usability.

Sam Umbach Software Engineer, Electronic Arts

I have fun…

Conceive. Plan. Build.

A Successful Process is Ever Evolving

Design is methodical. It’s a balance of composition and inspiration, and a mixture of experienced intuition and solid analytics; meaning successful design boils down to never making uninformed decisions.

My guiding principal is: All aspects of design (UX, UI, Visual, etc.) inform and reflect upon one another in a very nebular way; I apply my multi-disciplinary skill-set with the intent of crafting holistic design solutions.

My design process is dictated by a myriad of factors including time, project scale, the depth of communication required within an organization, and what method is or isn’t rendering the best results. Size doesn't matter.

Having a reliable, predictable process is important to help guide a designer’s decisions and promote design communication within an organization, but maintaining flexibility in that process is equally important for when unexpected challenges arise that will force you to call an audible.

Major products that I’ve worked on in the past, such as the Avatar Editor and Avatar Asset Manager, often require thorough research, stakeholder and engineering collaborations, release planning, several rounds of wireframing, visual styling tweaks, prototyping, and a battery of user testing and iterations - all of which I’m heavily involved in. I’m currently in the process of developing a much more detailed write-up on this subject.

I’ve also been involved in projects that require dramatically less technical debt; and on these occasions, deliverables will vary.

As a consultant with Alexis Finch, I sometimes provided an engineer with a simple wireframe to emulate; and directed them to use existing CSS rules to establish the stylings. I might also jump directly into crafting a visual mock complete with style specifications after a conversation with the team.

I use the most efficient method to ensure a successful outcome.

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